School Vision, Values, & Curriculum Intent

‘Aiming High’

Our Vision

At Southwark we create a school community where children excel, develop a passion for learning and share magical memories that will last them a lifetime. We have high expectations for every child and provide opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident, and successful learners. Through our curriculum, we equip our pupils with a secure foundation of knowledge and skills to give them success for today as well as prepare them to become lifelong learners by developing a curiosity about the world around them. We believe that every child has the right, as well as the capacity, to succeed.
We develop the whole child, meeting their individual needs in a safe, secure and nurturing environment where our differences are celebrated and children can make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society. We believe that our school must reflect the community we serve. We create a collaborative environment where all members of the school community are highly valued, make positive contributions, and work cohesively to create an inspirational environment to succeed and flourish.

Our Values

Our shared values underpin everything that we do here at Southwark Primary School. They help us to form our attitudes, guide our choices, and influence our behaviours. At Southwark, we have 11 values. Each month, the whole school community focuses on a different value, exploring what it means and how we can use this to positively influence our everyday lives.

Southwark Values - as we go through the year, we will focus on a particular value each month.  Please click a value below to read how these values influence our behaviours and guide our choices!

Equality - Courage - Co-operation - Positivity - Respect - Trust - Love - Honesty - Empathy -  Liberty - Patience 

Curriculum Intent

Our pupils are at the heart of our curriculum design. Our Curriculum recognises children’s individuality as well as identifying and addressing the needs of our community to make sure that all pupils receive a curriculum that inspires and prepares children academically, socially, and emotionally for their next steps. As a school we recognise and appreciate that a significant proportion of our school community are in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant. Therefore, an important part of our curriculum intent is aimed at empowering children to overcome their individual barriers to learning.

Our main aims are:

1. Our children will gain the knowledge and skills to become independent, collaborative, confident, and successful learners

2. Our children will develop their emotional, social, physical and moral understanding to become positive citizens.

Aim 1: Gaining knowledge and skills

Children will:

• Understand the purpose and value of their learning and see its relevance to their past, present and future
• Experience the challenge and enjoyment of learning and have high aspirations for themselves and others
• Be enriched at every opportunity to make learning memorable, engaging, and inspirational.
• Develop rich and deep subject knowledge and skills appropriate to their individual starting points and needs from the moment they start in Foundation to when they leave in Year 6.
• Be taught within a coherent and progressive framework which enables them to explore the breadth and depth of the national curriculum.
• Make links and connections within different aspects of their learning and apply their understanding in different contexts
• Be given opportunities to problem solve, and engage creatively as well as reflect on and articulate their learning journey
• Be immersed in a language rich environment to target the language deficit within our school.
We believe that children learn best when they are fully immersed in their learning. For this reason, ‘project work’ enables children to make strong connections in their learning across the wider curriculum. Each project is based around 4 different ‘cornerstones’ of learning.

Engage: This is the initial introduction to the learning. It will hook learners in with a memorable experience and set the scene; providing a context for learning.

Develop: The second stage to the project will teach facts and information for deeper understanding and knowledge as well as allowing children to demonstrate new skills and allow time for consolidation.

Innovate: This stage will provide imaginative scenarios that encourage creative thinking. It will enable children to apply previously learned skills and encourage enterprise and independent thinking.

Express: The final stage of the project will create opportunities for shared evaluation, celebrate and share children's success and identify next steps for learning.


 Aim 2: Become Positive Citizens

Children will:

• Share and celebrate our core values to form their attitudes, guide their choices, and influence their behaviours.
• Grow in confidence, independence and self-esteem in a safe, secure and stimulating environment
• Demonstrate excellent conduct as well as positive behaviours for learning.
• Understand that all people are unique and special with different talents, abilities and needs
• Respect and celebrate differences in gender, race, ability, culture, and religion
• Appreciate and understand both social and environmental issues which affect us all both within our local communities as well as other across the world.
• Understand the importance of keeping safe, being both mentally and physically healthy, and forming positive relationships.
• Make a positive contribution to the school and local community
• Make considered and informed choices about things that are important to them and have the freedom to express their opinions on a range of different topics and issues.
• Develop a passion to try new and exciting activities