National Grief Awareness Week

This week is 'National Grief Awareness Week' (2 - 8 December)

It is often extremely difficult for families and children to find ways of dealing with the loss of a loved one, even more so during the pandemic with less face-to-face support.

For children, grief can be very complex as they can't always communicate it in the way adults can.

If you or your family have experienced loss, we are always here for you and your families to offer support and guide you to organisations who can support you.

There are specific support centres that help children to deal with their grief, and terminal illness, from as young as three years old and many places for adults to turn for help, guidance or just a chat 24/7.

The Children's Bereavement Centre:

Cruse Bereavement Support:


The Good Grief Trust:

The Samaritans: