School Uniform

All children at Southwark Primary School wear school uniform. Children are expected to wear school colours and we are strict about this: it builds a sense of identity with the school like wearing the right kit for a football team! We do have clothing available for sale with the school logo on, but clothing that is smart, in the correct colours, and suitable for school life is acceptable.

We have carefully considered the national guidance from the Department for Education on school uniform.  Full details can be found by clicking the link below.

All children (Nursery – Year 6) are required to wear:

  • Sweatshirt or cardigan (royal blue)
  • Polo shirt or shirt (light blue/white)
  • Pinafore/skirt (navy blue/grey/black - navy blue/black/grey cycling shorts can be worn underneath) or gingham dress (blue/white - blue/white cycling shorts can be worn underneath)
  • School trousers or smart shorts (black/grey)
  • Flat, black (plain) school shoes.

All children (Nursery - Year 6) have the option of:

  • Southwark fleece with logo 
  • Southwark book bag with logo
  • Southwark messenger bag with logo

Southwark PE Kit for all children (required)

  • White polo shirt or T-shirt (no logos)
  • Blue or black shorts (no logos)
  • Blue or black leggings / tracksuit for outdoor PE (no logos)
  • Suitable, non-marking plimsoles or trainers

If a child forgets their kit they will take part in their ordinary clothes provided their shoes are suitable, and the clothes may get dirty so please make sure they have their kit! Children also need a warm outdoor coat as we take them out in most weathers! This can be any colour or style.

Uniform in different weathers

We do not require your child to wear cardigans or sweatshirts in hot weather.  We do ask that you provide your child with a sun hat and apply sun cream to protect them when they are outside.  The uniform expectations allow children to choose between school trousers and shorts or dresses - whatever your child feels most comfortable wearing.  In cold weather we do ask that your child wears suitable clothing protecting them from the cold.  

How to order uniform with a Southwark Logo

We sell our uniform using Scopay and uniform is collected from the school office. However, we are moving to a model where Southwark school uniform will only be able to be purchased direct from Price & Buckland (see image).

In the meantime, we are still selling items using Scopay until we run out of each item at which point uniform will need to be purchased direct from Price & Buckland.

To order new uniform now, parents need to check on Scopay and buy items of uniform from there. If you can't see the items or sizes you need for your child, please visit:

Here you will be able to order the items you need. If an item is 'out of stock' on the Price & Buckland website, it means we have it in school and you should order it using Scopay.

When using Price & Buckland, items are delivered to school for collection twice each month or you can pay postage and it's delivered to your house.

Current uniform prices:

Prices from Price and Buckland
Sweatshirt £10.25
Polo shirt £9
Cardigan £11.25
Fleece £14.25
Book bag £5.95
Messenger bag £8.95

Please take a look at the Price & Buckland website as it has lots of other items for sale which we don't stock in school - prices are on the website and available immediately. Order before 1st August and get them at the beginning of term.

Free uniform for children entitled to Pupil Premium

If your child is entitled to Pupil Premium funding, we use our pupil premium funding to provide them with one sweatshirt or polo shirt each term upon request.  Please speak to the school office about this during the first two weeks of each term to take up this offer.

Second Hand Uniform

At the end of each half term, we offer all non-named school uniform from our lost property to parents to take without charge.  This is a chance for parent & carers to collect second hand uniform that they might need. We then wash all uniform with Southwark logos and offer these to parents and carers again for free and donate all other uncollected uniform to charity.  We work with 'The Uniform Project Nottingham' who provide good quality second hand school uniform for parents and carers.

We also work with Sharewear to provide families with free, good quality clothing, shoes, bedding and bath towels free of charge to people in need. To find out more, speak to any member of staff who you feel comfortable with. We will always treat you with respect and understanding

Please, please make sure all clothing has a name in it – we can end up with many identical items!


No jewellery is allowed for safety reasons. This includes earrings. If you want your child to have their ears pierced, please have them done at the beginning of the summer holiday so that they are healed by September and the earrings can be removed.

If you want your child to wear an item of jewellery for religious reasons you must write to the Governing Body so that they can consider the health and safety implications.