School Meals

School Dinners & Home Packed Lunches

We ask that all parents use the School Food United App or website to order their school dinner or home packed lunch.  This needs to be done before 9:15am every day.  Parents can order up to half a term ahead.  Using the App, parents can change between school dinners and home packed lunches as often as they wish to.

For guidance on ordering via the School Food United App. click here.

For guidance on ordering via the School Food United website, click here.

The quality of our school meals is extremely important to us here at Southwark.  It is important that all of our pupils enjoy the meals provided by our caterers, Alliance in Partnership (AIP), to ensure that they are receiving a healthy, nutritious and tasty meal at lunchtime.  For more information about AIP please visit their website here:

Please click the link below to see the most up-to-date school dinner menu.  Please note that we work closely with the School Council to ensure that we involve children in the creation of these menus.  We welcome feedback to enable us to work closely with AIP to provide school meals of the highest quality.

Children who choose to have school dinners have the choice of 3 hot meals or a delicious 'Deli Option' with fillings including Tuna Mayo, Egg Mayo, or cheese if they choose.  A nutritious salad bar is available and children are encouraged to be adventurous by choosing healthy options here, in addition to their school meal.  Fresh fruit is always offered alongside a delicious and healthy dessert.  Table manners are extremely important for all of our children here at Southwark.  We encourage staff to eat alongside children to model exemplary table manners, including calm and polite conversation, encouraging children to use a knife and fork correctly.  

Universal Free School Meals

All children within Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 are entitled to free school dinners which are prepared and cooked on site, everyday, by our catering team, AIP.  This is known as universal free school meals.

Means Tested Free School Meals

If you receive benefits such as income support, please come to the school office to check whether you are entitled to free school meals.  This is known as 'means tested' free school meals.  To see if you are eligible, please click here:,LEA%20maintained%20school%2C%20full%2Dtime

Pay for a school dinner

Cost: £2.10 a day

Payments can be made online via the School Food United App or on their website Please talk to a member of the school office to set up an account if you are unsure how to do so.  This ordering system allows parents to swap between school dinners and home packed lunches whenever they want to.

If your child has specific dietary requirements, please ensure that you notify us through the school office to ensure that the appropriate considerations can be made. 

Alternatively, you may wish for your child to have a packed lunch rather than a school dinner.  Any child across the school can do this, even if they are entitled to universal free school meals in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

Please click on the document at the bottom of the page to see the Autumn/Winter menu 2023.


Home Packed Lunches

We ask parents to order a home packed lunch using the School Food United App.  We expect packed lunches to be healthy and nutritionally balanced.  Whether squeezing it in before the school run in the morning or before bed on busy midweek evenings, preparing your child's lunchbox can seem like just another thing on the list.  Therefore, school meals are a great choice, but if you do make a packed lunch for your child then it is important to make sure that your child is eating a balanced meal which is tasty but also gives them everything they need nutritionally.  Please click on the advice below for support and a range of quick, easy, healthier lunchbox ideas.

Please do not bring nuts into school as we do have children in school with severe nut allergies.

packed lunches



Autumn & Winter Dinner Menu 2023 2024
Autumn & Winter Menu Flyer 2023 2024