Parent / Carer Meetings

Good afternoon, everyone.

After Easter, we will be holding parent and carer meetings with your child's class teacher.

The meetings will be held flexibly over a 2 week window between 26th April and 7th May. Your child's class teacher will be in contact with you this week to arrange a suitable day and time.

These meetings will provide a platform to have high quality time to discuss the progress of your child at school. Teachers will discuss your child's academic progress as well as discuss their behaviours for learning and social and emotional wellbeing in school.

You will have the choice to hold this meeting over the phone or on an online video call via Microsoft Teams. If you wish to choose this format, you will need to share your email address with your child's class teacher when you book in your meeting slot.

The meeting will last approximately 5 minutes. If you wish to discuss anything in more depth, you can arrange a convenient time with your child's class teacher to discuss this further.

Communication and feedback are vital to ensuring that your child continues to feel happy, thrive and make good progress at school and so we look forward to the opportunity to meet with you after Easter.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask your child's class teacher or Hub Assistant Head.

Thank you.

Mr Skirton