Picture News: What role does sport play in our lives? 10.5.21

This week's Picture News is about the importance of sport and exercise in our lives today.


UN RIGHTS OF A CHILD: Article 31 - Rest, Play, Culture, Arts

European Super League ON or OFF?

Within days of the announcement of a new football Super League competition - open to only the biggest clubs, most of the teams had withdrawn, deciding they no longer wanted to take part. Fans, football authorities and government ministers in the UK, and across Europe, expressed anger at what they said would be an unfair competition that would keep many teams out of top European football.

Sporting Competitions

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What is the difference between sport and exercise?

Listen, think, share

• What do you think is the difference between sport and exercise?

• Do you enjoy both sport and exercise? Do you have a favourite? Is there a sport or exercise you don’t enjoy? Why?

• Looking at the definitions of sport and exercise and the examples, can you record the differences and similarities between the two?

• What are other benefits of sport e.g. develop social skills, learn to win and lose, improve strength and fitness, support mental health.  What are the other benefits for exercise? Which benefits are the same?

• Some people think that all sports are exercise but not all exercises are sport. Do you agree with this? Do you think it is possible to develop skills and improve fitness whilst taking part in sport?

• Some teams or individuals become very successful in their chosen sport. They may even earn a living from playing. Do you think these people can be the best in their country or even the world by just playing their sport or do you think they need to exercise and train too?

Sport and exercise are both physical activities which can have many benefits. Some people prefer sport, others exercise and some take part in both!


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