Road Safety & Parking


As it is 'National Walk to School Week', I want to take this opportunity to remind our whole school community to think carefully about your drop off and collection arrangements at the beginning and end of the school day, especially if you are driving.

I understand the challenges in finding adequate space to park outside of school. I fully appreciate the frustrations that this can cause. However, our highest priority must be the safety of children and parents walking or cycling to school.

Therefore, may I remind you all to follow the parking restrictions in place outside the front, side and back gates to school. Please do not park inconsiderately or dangerously. We have had a couple of near misses recently due to dangerous driving so I am strongly asking everyone to adhere to the rules of the road. I have spoken with our local PCSO's who will be trying to patrol Park Lane, Rosegarth, and Bulwell Lane during busy drop off and collection times over the coming weeks.

I want to also remind parents using bikes or electric scooters that you need to dismount when on the school site.

Please can I also remind everyone to exercise caution whilst crossing Park Lane. I have seen a lot of children crossing between two parked cars. I am very concerned that it is a matter of time before there is an accident.

We continue to discuss the importance of road safety with children at school - we would appreciate support from parents with this as well.

Thank you for your support with this very important matter.

Mr Skirton