School Dinners


Please be aware of some changes we have made to improve dinner times:

- All dinners will eat in the dinner hall ​and not in classrooms

- If your child has school dinners, parents should choose their child's main meal option online using Scopay. Parents should now be able to do this in advance and not just the night before.

- Children will have a coloured wrist band to wear at lunchtime if they have a school dinner – each main meal will have a different colour (e.g. vegetarian option is a green band). Children with a dietary requirement will also wear an orange wrist band at lunch to inform the kitchen and ensure they are being served food which they can eat.​ This new band system is in place to ensure children get the food choice they ordered and also will ensure far less food is wasted and school saves money as a result of this.

- To reduce numbers of children eating in the hall, and improve the dining experience, some sandwiches will eat in classrooms.​ This will be rotated across the school year. Your child will find out more information about this tomorrow.

Please find the Autumn Menu attached. Parents/carers can now choose options by logging onto your Scopay account and selecting 'order meals'. You can then click on any date, and it will bring up the choices for that day and the meal can be selected. The menu is on a two-week rota up until October half term. Please note that you won't be able to choose puddings for your child. They will be able to choose this option when they are being served their meal in the dining hall. The menu is also available on the school website:

If you wish your child to have a school dinner, please speak with the school office.


Mr Skirton