COVID-19 Information

What is Coronavirus?

Click on this weblink to watch a child friendly video which explains what Coronavirus is and how it affects us.

Click here to read a child friendly book which helps explain what Coronavirus is.

Click here to watch a child friendly video about how to watch your hands properly.

Click here to find out about how to wash your hands if you have sensory difficulties.


What can I do if I am worried about Coronavirus?

Click on the link below to visit our Mental Health & Wellbeing page on the school website.  Here, you'll find lots of resources and information to support you and your family.


Please find important COVID-19 PDF documents at the bottom of this webpage.

For up-to-date government information about Covid-19, please click the link below:


January 2022 Southwark Primary School Covid-19 Risk Assessment
September 2021 Parent Guide to Covid-19 measures